The Miracle of GMAIL

The Freebies That Come With Gmail
Are Mind Boggling

Above: Additional free goodies on TOP of other
free email and productivity software and applications

Gmail is a GREAT product. It’s much more than just an email service… It’s an online powerhouse software extravaganza, a boundless plethora of free and exceedingly useful services one might expect to pay hundreds per month for.

FREE SERVICES Provided By Gmail
SSL secure socket layer encrypted Gmail account access (VITAL)
The BEST spam protection available, period
Auto Phishing protection
Email forwarding
Email filters
Website multiple email account integration
Phone calls right from your front gmail page
Local phone number with Google Voice
Phone forwarding
Phone voicemail
Phone transcription voice to text to email
Call forwarding to multiple cell or line phone numbers
Calendar with easy notifications – priceless
Appointment manager (calendar)
Quickie task manager
Word type documents
Online presentations
Online forms
Online drawing software
Office documents online
Free foreign language transcription

Then, there’s the zillion other freebies that Gmail provides… but that’s another story.

Truly, Gmail is one of the best products on Earth, along with sister, Google Search.

The Document Manager saves all revisions automatically which cannot be deleted. One would have to save the document with another name, then discard the original to get rid of the revisions.

Gmail uses “conversations” instead of “folders.” This can make it harder to see old messages since conversations can spread confusingly down the page in a mish mash of  confusing names or full emails. Folders just seem more user friendly.

Mail Search only comes up with the first 20 results. Clicking the next pages can seem to take forever.

Looking for past emails can be a bear as there’s no way to choose series of individual pages or groups of pages. Again, you have to click “next” or “back” with only 20 results per page. This can be daunting if you have thousands of emails to search through.

But… despite these little setbacks, Gmail is incredible. And, as a freebie, it overstretches the imagination by far.


Are we selling? No, we make no money from Gmail.


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