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Best Products On Earth - Introduction
WE LOVE TO PROCLAIM BEST OF THE BEST AND PRODUCT OF THE YEAR / We’re still unwrapping and setting out the goodies… Wonderful things coming! Stay tuned! : )


irst of all, who are we to answer such a subjective question, indeed? And how does one classify best products in ALL the worlds and places on EARTH?

Who We Are
We are simply people who are daring enough to presume that we have the wherewithal to ascertain greatness of product simply due to our genetic propensities for detail and measurement. We live to seek out the best! It’s one of our greatest joys.

What Are the Best?
As for how to classify what’s good, better and BEST, why, it has to do with what products you and I come to love beyond almost all others because of magnificent performance and usefulness.

So in summary, we present products that WE have found to be absolutely superlative trumping the rest in their category.  

Rare, Precious and Few…
Often times, these products are those that no one has really heard about. We delight in the prospect of publicizing them, bringing these wonderful little secrets to your attention. 

For Example… 

A Story of the Forever Lightbulbs
Once upon a time, there were these lightbulbs that were guaranteed for a lifetime. They were built so well that they would last beyond many decades. 

We were totally enthralled with the concept of these bulbs. 

And no, there was no real downside, except these bulbs used just a tiny bit more electricity, and also that they are no longer available. 

The dear manufacturer hadn’t applied the concept of "built in obsolescence." Personally, we hate built in obsolescence. But in the case of this manufacturer, perhaps their products were TOO good. 

Hopefully we won’t be recommending too many products that are unavailable. 

We love to share this kind of information
Now the good news is that we will feature products that most likely ARE available. And sometimes we will profit from sharing our information, and sometimes we won’t. One thing is for sure… we genuinely LOVE these products and they have all received our Best of the Best Approval. 

More About Who We Are
We are a small group of very picky people who have, over the years, developed a fine nose for ferreting out the best of the very best. You could say we were just born with very finicky tastes. Like little piglets, we naturally were inclined to root out the most succulent truffles in the forest floor, as if driven by genetic imperative. 

These days when we find a product that stuns and amazes us, we love to shout it from the rooftops. Some of our friends think we are walking, talking, blinking poster boards, so exuberant are we in our desire to proclaim the good news to any and all. 

So why not share it on the illustrious Web? Well, voila! And here we are, wanting your lives to be enriched through our painstaking research. Do you want to share information about products that you love beyond measure? Let us know! Let’s get the good news out! Click HERE for the
criteria for judgment. 

Criteria For Judgment

1.  The product has performed in an almost miraculous fashion for us or for others that we hold in the highest esteem.

2.  The product has made or holds the possibility of making a significant, major, beneficial difference to the world. 

3.  The product is Best of Show, Best In Its League, Better Than the Rest to the best of our estimation. 

4.  The product is trusted, has performed as promised, is beloved or held in the highest regard by those in the know.

5.  We absolutely, genuinely love the product above the rest! 

Your opinions are important! Contact us and let us know your thoughts and experiences! 

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