GERALD CELENTE Master Prognosticator

When Accuracy Is Crucial In Forecasting
Future Trends, Gerald Celente is Number One


hy do we love Gerald Celente and His Trend’s Journal?

We love Gerald because he is the world’s leading trends researcher. He is the author of the esteemed Trend’s Journal, a scathing, piercingly accurate newsletter and portender of things political, financial and societal.

He’s fearless, intrepid, insightful, raw, unfettered and consistently on the money.

What Does Gerald Do?

He consults with major companies on product viability and future possibilities for success.

He surveys global political situations and predicts wars, rumors of wars, retaliations, repurcussions and hidden agendas.

Besides proclaiming the foibles of governments and society in general, he also offers perhaps some of the most viable solutions available.


Gerald offers his Journal at a discount for those who have limited financial means.


Some of Gerald’s Recommendation For Societal Success

~ Restoring the once classically beautiful abandoned urban areas back to life and offering the lofts and apartments to energetic and successful young professionals

~ Bringing cities back to life with organic urban gardens and city homesteading

~ Switching from impersonal huge box and warehouse stores back to Mom and Pop stores. Communities are losing their life blood, their souls to faceless corporate entities that hire and purchase abroad, causing cities and towns to slowly corrode and die. Hire local, buy local, grow local, buy organic.

~ Switch from factory farms back to family farms. Factory farms are gaining notoriety for animal neglect and cruelty as well as providing reprocessed excrement and waste, chemical and noxious compounds as feed.

Just a Few 2011 Forecasts

~ Big year for cyber wars

~ Journalism 2.0 – Demand for a new journalism with more accuracy and truth rather than “watching the shills and suckups from mainstream media” and citizen journalism

~ “Off with their heads” The revolt against political hacks – “The emperors have no clothes…”

~ A fortune in food… there will be a strong demand for high quality foods – eggs that don’t come from “chicken concentration camps”

~ Student revolts

~ The fight will be against losing down the Internet or letting freedom reign

~ Attempt to push populaces into submission

~ Difficult times in 2011

~ Industries and products that will succeed

Latest Quotes

“The world stage is one big burlesquoni.

It’s a bunch of losers out there that are posing as these people that know more than we do, and you find out what a crowd it is.

The same jerks you knew in highschool and college… the ones that wanted to be the class president and the head of the student counsels, the suckups, the brown-nosers, the glad handers…

…now you call them Obama, Clinton, Bush, you can call them Sarcosi, Merkel, you can call them, every one of them, a jerk, a loser, and a lightweight. And what they’re doing is intimidating the people so that they [the people] continue to look up to them.”

“Meet the Press? Meet the suckups.”

Re ‘Austerity Measures:’ “Class wars have begun.”

“When all else loses, they take you to war.”

“Wall Street has hijacked Washington.”

Re: Assante: “It’s about pulling down the curtain of Oz”

“Get off your lazy boy and get to the streets.”

“Buy local, Bank Local. Break the chains.”

“Be Prepared.”

Politician Quotes According to Gerald

“I’m gonna take your money and I’m gonna give it to my friends. And if you don’t like it, I’m gonna get the goon squad after you. We can call them the IRS, we can call them anything you want. My name is… [Almost all politicians]”

“I’ll tell you what to think, believe, and you just turn over your money. …I’ll distribute it to the banks who will borrow money at zero percent interest and loan it back to you at exhorbitant rates.”


Gerald: “The revolution has begun.”



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Status: We receive no money or profit from this endorsement.

Rating: 9 out of 10


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