First of all, how do we define a product? A product is anything produced by labor or effort, whether for sale or for free.

The Best Products on Earth are those that offer unparalleled and incredible value and performance above beyond the rest.

They are… superlative.

Criteria For Judgment

1. The product has performed in an almost miraculous fashion for us or for others that we hold in the highest esteem.

2. The product has made or holds the possibility of making a significant, major, beneficial difference to the world.

3. The product is Best of Show, Best In Its League, Better Than the Rest to the best of our estimation.

4. The product is trusted, has performed as promised, is beloved or held in the highest regard by those in the know.

5. We absolutely, genuinely love the product above the rest!

Your opinions are important! Contact us and let us know your thoughts and experiences!


Note: Sometimes we profit from endorsements, sometimes not. The most important qualifications are that we absolutely genuinely love the product and believe it to be the best. Period.

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