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Breeze Cleaner Award Winning Spray CleanerAn unusual picture that I took of our beloved Breeze. It was a cold, late evening at the outside sink. And yes, we do have Christmas lights year round out there. There in the dark, as I washed some dishware in the dark, I was compelled to take this interesting photo. The blue green color held a special translucence. I don’t believe I was quite able to capture the overall rather lovely effect. You had to be there…

It is in the greatest truth and integrity that we bring Breeze Cleaner to you as the first of our Best Products On Earth Top List for 2010. This cleaner has thousands of the most ardent and dedicated fans, for it performs when all others seems to fail.

This cleaner is very mild, yet exceedingly powerful on dirt, grime, auto grease, baked in detritus from years past.

It is environmentally safe and non toxic. It’s one of the few cleaners that is certified for food surfaces. And it’s incredibly inexpensive. It comes in concentrate form. We use 1 to 6 ratio as a spray cleaner and never cease to be both appreciated and amazed.

We love it so much that we chose to do a completely free website for the manufacturer with no recompense for ourselves, whatsoever. These days, we will send out a few Breeze gallons now and then at a break even point. We simply do this as a courtesy as shipping and packing yields us a loss rather than a gain.

However, we found a very reputable shipper who sells the product and will ship at a fair price. We recommend that you try this immediately. We hope to have free samples to send out soon… meanwhile, we’ve tried a plethora of almost every spray cleaning product available as well as nonsprays. Breeze astounded us when all the others failed.
Rating: 10 out of 10

Breeze Cleaner can be found at some Smart and Final Retail stores. Check and see if it’s available in your area.

Cons: We can find no fault with this product other than the very slight and mild cleaning fragrance which we understand is unavoidable in a cleaning product. It ‘s a completely innocuous fragrance, however and not at all unpleasant. We would have preferred a raspberry or lavender fragrance, but perhaps there are those who might mistake Breeze for a beverage concentrate or else put some behind their ears.

In all sincerity, it’s assured that Breeze is fine exactly as manufactured. The blue green color is pleasing, their spray bottles are the finest available. With each Web shipment, the spray bottle is included at no cost. The retail value of the industrial quality sprayer is $12.95.


Please let us know if you have any opinions either way.


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