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Best Autoresponders, Email Marketing Software


rather audacious claim, no? : ) How could one possibly determine which one iof the many email marketing and autoresponder programs out there tops the rest? Each has its own special characteristics that distinguish it above the rest.

Making such a decision was relatively easy… we simply distilled down to the fine essentials and chose what worked well and helped make our lives easier and more productive with the least stress and complication.

These days, the less complicated, the better! : )

To start, here is a list of the more prominent and well known services. Each has their own devoted and loyal following. We’ve included the more popular products.

Email Marketing, Autoresponder, OptIn Programs
Benchmark Email – straightforward, clean and true Top Choice
aWeber – Nice, clean, integrates well Top Choice
1ShoppingCart – Full comprehensive cart / affiliate / email package. Popular. Top Choice
Mail Chimp – Cheerful, chipper and basic. Free to start. Top Choice
• iContact – a bit esoteric, caters to the enterprise crowd
• ConstantContact – Tad more expensive, popular
• GetReponse – Nice, less elegant, enterprise, performance oriented.
• Interspire – Full comprehensive shopping cart, affiliate package included. 7th Choice
• Infusionsoft – minimum usage requirements, functional
• StreamSend – A nice, regular service.

Each one of these definitely has their particular benefits. But our choice for the very best of all were chosen for the following criteria:

Best Criteria
• Speed
• Reliability
• Simplicity
• Ease of Use
• Clean Presentation
• Streamlined
• Minus Fluff
• Non excessive features
• Comprehensive
• Great Pricing

It is true that some of the services above are exceedingly RICH with features. In fact, overwhelmingly so. So rich in fact, that they are almost impossible to manage. Others create confusion. They seem to be a mish mash of tabs and choices that need a professional to manage.

And more likely than not, these extra features simply clogged up the works and made life for our clients, customers overwhelmed with too many options that weren’t usable or necessary to run a full fledged autoresponder program.

Downsides of Some Services
• Almost impossible to manage
• Created confusion
• Mishmash of tabs
• Needed a professional to manage

Who Did We Choose As the Best of the Best and Why?

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email


After spending countless hours testing the top providers, we finally settled on Benchmark because we simply wanted to get the job done for us and our clients with the least confusion and complications while STILL getting the best performance.

We wanted to be able to set up our system, customize it to match our websites, see it perform flawlessly at the first shot and also continue to work like a charm.

We also wanted to support our clients as easily as possible without having to teach them a complicated new system. That’s expensive for us, expensive for them.

We didn’t want to spend hours trying to figure anything out.

Benefits of Benchmarkemail

Just wanted to get the job done
Quick and Easy
Comprehensive with all vital features
Nice selection of tools
Easy to customize
Non proprietary – nicely general
Good to look at
Clean and straight forward
Super easy for the customer
Reliable and Trustworthy
Performed Flawlessly
Easy to figure out
Great, straight forward training
Super easy to make forms & optins
Easy Forms for Facebook

Price is of great importance to us. When a product performs with excellence and yet manages to be cheaper than the rest, we’re impressed. We consider it the height of class and fairness to price well, price considerately, and price low.

We don’t need all the bells and whistles that merely seem to gum up the works. But if you do, our other two favorites are premier. Meanwhile, for us, let it be quick, let it be easily operational while getting the results and performance we want. Benchmarkemail

: )

aWeber Email Marketing

aWeber Email Marketing


aWeber has really gone a far pace from it’s simple beginnings. From a rather kludgy service to a modern, attractive and friendly service, they’ve progressed quite nicely. We cannot help but like them. A flotilla of shopping carts and templates have integrated nicely with aWeber thus making it quite easy to meld services.

Benchmarkemail does have a nimble quick code that can be used almost anywhere if you have a modicum of html practice, but some really like eWeber’s easy integration within these other programs and services that allows for customer information sharing.

This is especially attractive for larger businesses and those with large lists.

Is aWeber worth the extra money? We do think it is. Some say that eWeber is missing a few bells and whistles of the one stop shopping guys (and gals : ), but aWeber is huge in its own right and carries all features that most will ever need. aWeber



TOP CHOICE – 1ShoppingCart

1shoppingcart has an all in one shopping cart package that includes a full comprehensive shopping, marketing and email management system that works well for the bigger guys who have a staff or are more technologically inclined. 1shoppingcart can be a bit of a handful with so many modules and an array of extras and goodies.

It may not be for the faint of heart. But it must be said that many people love it and are more than satisfied with it’s management console and integrated features.

1shoppingcart can seem a little more daunting to run as it seems to include lots of little nooks and crannies in the backend. They DO have an excellent support system however with very quick and helpful response to your questions.

They are a bit pricier than many of the other services, but the one-stop-shop convenience may be worthwhile to you.

Interestingly, many micro to small businesses find that they don’t need everything in one place. For one thing, one can get locked into certain features that don’t allow for custom expansion and growth.

The one thing we REALLY like about 1shoppingcart is that they also have an affiliate program included in one of their shopping cart packages. This is a VERY nice addition that works quite well. In particular, it notifies the affiliate that they’ve made a sale. This can be very encouraging for affiliates and partners who in turn will help make you more money. 1shoppingcart

: )



TOP CHOICE – MailChimp

We have come to love mailchimp for one main reason – they offer a free service for 1000 subscribers, 6000 monthly emails. What’s not to love? One thing might be that the free service includes an affiliate banner on your emails, newsletters, correspondence. For some, that might pose a problem. For others, that would not be an issue.

Another thing is that we found it a little difficult to manage campaigns and emails in the interface. At first glance, it looks simple and graphical. But, for some unknown reason, we got very tired rather quickly. It could have been the sluggish screen refresh pace. But the numerous buttons were a bit distracting. We like simple descriptive word links.

MailChimp friendly site with social networking nicely integrated. We feel that’s very important.

It does include some nice features. As time goes by, they will be a real contender for a higher position. We will continue to practice with them and keep you posted here. MailChimp

: )


Without a doubt, we’re more than pleased with Benchmark. If you’re looking for something that’s quick, nimble, very inexpensive yet works like the ritzy guys, then Benchmark is tops.

For seconds, aWeber and 1ShoppingCart are great providers, well respected and high performing. A good question to ask yourself is whether you want a quick, nimble, easy service to manage or an enterprise system with lots of bells and whistles.

You can start out simple and easy and gradually move to comprehensive, or, you can start out with the biggest package available.

If you have any ideas you would like to share, let us know. We look forward to hearing YOUR opinions.



Each Link will open a new tab or window. Look at the bottom of your browser for the tab. : )

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