Why We Are Eminently Qualified To Determine the Best of the Best and the Best On Earth

We are the best of the best at being particularly persnickity, picky and egregiously deterministic in our attention to seemingly irrelevant ascertainment of what is good, better and best. Always measuring this and that.

We are the sorts of individuals who can hardly contain our fervor to determine the better thans versus the cream of the crops. Is this a genetic condition we have? We’re not sure. Suffice it to say we’re… simply uncontrollable.

Now does this insure that we’re not ever wrong? Absolutely not. We can surely be mistaken! And our best might be thought of as horrid by someone else of even more distinguished and refined palate of purveyorism.

But, you see, this is our little creation, and we shall deem what is beyond exemplary to and within OUR hearts’ delights. But PLEASE… by all means… let us know what YOU think, dear reader! If you are particularly parsnickity, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

Many blessings! Contact Us HERE and you can read about our criteria for judgment HERE.

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